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Stuck in twilight fanfiction

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Fanfiction for readers who love the Twilight books and movies! Growing up, she never seems to fi When Edward fails to keep his self control on the day he meets Bella Swan, he finds himself on a journey that he could have never expected.

Trouble is, it's darker in the Twilight. Could Edward Cullen be only mostly dead? Divergence from ch. How would the story unfold if Edward accepted Bella's choice to keep their baby? A tale of seeing things from someone else's point of view.

How the Cullen's came to live in Forks the first time and how Alice and Jasper came to join the family. Also gives a brief introduction into the earlier versions of the human families. Bella Swan returns to forks after 6 months in military school, her first day back at Forks High she meets Alice Cullen but can their seemingly instant connection survive. Monsters lurk in all corners of the world, and come in all shades.

What happens when two very different monsters meet? In which Bella is Faoladh. Non-canon When a g Felix went on a mission with Demetri. Then he met Henrietta "Harry" Potter, and everything is too complicated and he's falling for a human. He'd never wanted to be a human male until then. Relive Edward's and Bella's tale through the saddest amber colored eyes. Every summer vacation, Edward was Bella's annual secret escape.

At school, Bella can't hide from the whispers that she deserved what happened during "the incident". Her worlds collide. Amarone Camin is an 18 year old Cinderella Girl who lived with her aunts and grandparents to support her studies leaving her parents at their province in Philippines. After maintaining a high grade An inspiring 13 yr old girl becomes Carlisle's newest patient and quickly wins his affections.

When her mother suddenly dies, Carlisle instantly steps in to care for her and makes her one of his own. But when even the Cullens or their son Edward cannot keep her safe, what will she do? BxE All human. A "Book 5" of the Twilight Saga: We'd always heard they existed.

Caius was terrified of them, bent on their extinction. The reason they came around this time, though, involved us Bella's married, her transformation on the horizon. Everything is according to plan. But then why is she so miserable? Its not exactly the fact that Jacob's imprinted, its who he has imprinted on Search Search.

Fanfiction More Fanfiction.

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Write or Upload Story.Everything was all planned out for them. She can be hotheaded and a true demon at times, but other times she just longs for love. And to her luck, she gets to move to the place where the saga took place. Hi everyone!

I just want to start a survey on the best of the best Twifics that people loved. Filters; Pages Navigation She is like him, ordinary, mediocre and stuck in a loveless marriage to a monster where she endures his anger and rage. Writing started before Season 3. An Enchanted Book like that Power Ponies comic they had recently experienced.

The past defines us, changes us, motivates us. Now with TvTropes page! Twilighted is staffed with highly educated Beta Readers who will read and approve those submissions that meet our standards for quality writing. The Vampire's Haven. Books Twilight. Bella has tried to move on with her life, but finds after 10 long years that she is still stuck in a moment.

Some girls found love in kindergarten, others in their This page will be dedicated to all Fanfiction on the Voltrui. What happens when fate steps in and lends a hand? Will she ever live for today, instead of the past? When you think Twilight - like the books - what pictures or emotions rush into your mind?

Because according to me true love didn't exist at least not for me. After an accident cuts her off from Equestria, Twilight finds herself stuck in the human world until the gateway between the two worlds can be fixed. Read the book to follow along with her journey. Stuck in Twilight Fanfiction. You know, the ones that keep you up until 4 in the morning reading them? Only cannon couples.

What Luck she has. Get a room already, people.

stuck in twilight fanfiction

Please login or register. Just one last scene, which was when i 'wake' up from my 'transformation' into a vampire. Add to library 85 Discussion 8. Nothing more to say FanFiction unleash Books Twilight. Follow Jalice down this crazy adventure in Stuck it Twilight. By: Onwind.James started posting her own erotic take on the novels on Fanfiction. Edward is an exec in an advertising agency. It's strictly Twilight. Born from an impossible union between a human mother and a vampire father.

But, within her soul, is another type of energy. All Human, OOC. Louis sighed. Especially when it's the middle of a showdown between a skank and a cowboy on your front lawn. Did you miss your In this fanfiction, Twilight is a Villain Protagonist who lords her superior magical prowess over her friends, considers Ponyville a backwards village populated by hicks and morons, and is amazingly desperate for a romp in the hay with whoever can satisfy her.

Twilighted is staffed with highly educated Beta Readers who will read and approve those submissions that meet our standards for quality writing. IE: a real-life character gets stuck in the book or the characters, themselves, read the books. Featured Stuck Up Twilight Fanfiction. He gets Twilight fiction that is self-referencing. She is like him, ordinary, mediocre and stuck in a loveless marriage to a monster where she endures his anger and rage.

First off, for the uninitiated, a lot of fanfic is racy. So here we are stuck in Forks Washington, for the next few years. The furniture pieces in the other pictures are hand made.

It will be in alphabetical order by pairing and then fanfiction. Any fics falling outwith these requirements will be disqualified from the final poll results. Yes it was a book, but it was a very special book. She became part of their coven and finds a new found love with Alec. Anything you don't recognize, including my main character, is my own creation.

Have you got your copy yet? Which wouldn't normally be a problem If she wasn't still a pony.Part one of Breaking Dawn was almost complete. Just one last scene, which was when i 'wake' up from my 'transformation' into a vampire. Gosh I hated those contacts. Now i knew why the others complained. I jumped off set and ran to my changing room.

stuck in twilight fanfiction

I striped out of my costume and into my normal jeans and shirt. I pulled on my leather like jacket and shoulder bag with most of my things in and left the changing room, I kept my make up on, but took the horrid contacts out.

stuck in twilight fanfiction

Robert Pattinson and the others were waiting outside. There is no night scene is there? I took a deep breath and lent into Roberts arms.

I stared at the fake forest in the building. Well actually the set of the Cullen house which had been build inside a ware-house that had a fake forest around it and even a garage. Of course all this would get ripped back down to pieces and used for other things.

Soon it was the end of Twilight. Elizabeth Reaser was the first to arrive back, soon followed by Ashley and Nikki Reed. Suddenly i tripped and topped to the floor. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Twilight.

The location: Forks. What do they do? What happenes when they meet the Cullens? Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

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Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.

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Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Description: Edward is new in town and hiding a dark secret; when he enrolls in Forks High, it's not long before he captivates Bella and turns her life upside down. When the truth comes out, will they be able to move past it, or is the damage beyond forgiveness? Twisted isn't your average high school drama, it's an emotional rollercoaster of deceit, betrayal, and yes, a few twists that you may or may not see coming, but like all my other stories, it's ultimately about love finding the ability to overcome even the most seemingly impossible circumstances.

HEA is guaranteed! Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters, but everything else is straight from my brain so please don't copy without permission. My mother always said that the world is made up of billions of tiny moments that keep us moving through life. Most are instantly forgotten like dust in the wind, whereas others float beside us forever like indestructible kites tied to steel cables.

But a moment can also be paralyzing — grabbing a hold of you and never letting go. There is absolutely nothing worse than being stuck in a moment, and until you find a way to break free, you'll never be able to truly live. Unfortunately for me, I had found myself stuck in such a moment, and after the worst summer of my life, finding a way to move past it seemed impossible….

The truth was, the idea of a party of any kind sounded like torture, and I hated that I felt that way. It was the beginning of our final year of high school, I should've been having the time of my life, but instead I was jaded and everything just seemed so insipid.

I forced out a smile. Hanging out with everyone would actually be a great distraction.

Stuck in twilight fanfiction

She nodded in understanding. I huffed. It's not a temporary break. It's over. For good. I mean, you're Bella and Jacob, I can't even imagine you guys apart permanently.

I just thought that maybe, with time…". We're all friends and none of us are going to want to take sides.

Trailer - Renesmee and Jacob

It's been okay at school because everyone is all over the place, but when we all hang out together, we can't just not invite one of you. I'm not feeling up to going out anyway. I put up my finger to stop her. Go out. Have fun. Please don't let me get you down. And like a good friend, I kept my promise. I went through all the motions of the admired trendy Bella Swan everyone expected me to be, but it wasn't long before I found myself breaking away.Author's Note: Hello dear readers! Rather, the chapters coming next in Monarchy in Flames are very emotionally taxing to write, and I will be taking my time so I do not over-stress myself with the current global circumstances.

Now that we're all spending more time at home, I found inspiration and now present to you, dear readers, another Aro x Bella fic, "Stuck.

Twilight Fanfiction

The dashboard of her rental car PM in green, glowing letters. It would less than a half hour before she reached Forks. Shivering a bit, Bella turned a knob on the temperature control. Giving a contented sigh at the warm air, she took a sip of her travel cup of coffee that she had acquired two hours prior from Sea-tac; she only grimaced slightly at the lukewarm mocha, but she appreciated the caffeine all the same.

Bella drummed her fingers against the black leather steering wheel and sighed in mild frustration. She squinted and bit her lip in concentration, her mind cursing the weather. It was mid-November, and the pacific northwest had had snowfall and unpredicted storms since late October. The few years she lived with Charlie hadn't converted her to particularly liking the cold, but she was excited to spend Thanksgiving with Charlie this year. Charlie and Renee now traded holidays, seeing as Bella lived in Arizona after graduating from college, with Charlie in Washington and Renee in Florida, respectively.

This year, the set-up flipped so Charlie would have Thanksgiving, and Renee would have Christmas. It was only a few minutes later that Bella took the offramp to a smaller, two lane highway, if you would call it that. Evergreens framed the road on both sides, becoming denser as the minutes passed. The branches swayed, occasionally dropping bits of snow, while some broke entirely under the weight densely packed above them.

The smartphone buzzed in her pocket with an incoming call, sometimes syncing up with the music blaring from the speakers. She was a responsible driver— understandably so after a few years driving in her beloved red truck. It was a sad day when the old monster finally kicked the can a semester into her freshman year at UW. Forks was a small town. She paid attention to the letter of the law, to precise rules when as emphasized by Charlie in her teenage years and again when she visited each year, made her all the more careful when in Forks.

Precaution given, there was nothing that could have been done in the following events. The road was clouded in an ethereal white dust, cascading onto the road and obscuring her vision.

The rental car began to slow as she applied the break, trying desperately to make out what was ahead of her. Then, it became clearer. Bella gasped, digging her fingers into the steering wheel as she braked as smoothly as she could on the slick road that had a least a foot of snow and debris. She must have closed her eyes, as they reopened when she came to a haphazard, skidding halt at the base of an amassed obstruction of snow, branches, and dead pine needles.

Teeth clenched and entire body locked from the anticipation of impact, Bella's body loosened as she took deep breaths. Her heart was racing as adrenaline pumped.So this is my first Twilight story!

I use a lot of quotes from the book, so I just want you to know that none of the quotes are mine, and they belong to Stephenie Meyer. Anything you don't recognize, including my main character, is my own creation. I went through and edited this a little bit, but not too much. I spared a glance at the book I had just put down, and sighed. No matter how many times I had read the book, no matter how many of the lines I had memorized, I was always disappointed in the ending.

How could Stephanie just leave us hanging like that? I mean, sure! It was a good ending, but she could have given us more than just: And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever. I mean, come on! I wanted more! I groaned and smacked my head against my hand; I sounded like a five year old who wanted more candy than she was allowed.

I guess that I would just have to deal with what I was given, and I would make the best of it. I spared one more look at the book that was still sitting on my nightstand, and then made my way out of my messy room. It took only a few minutes before Nicole responded to me, and my phone lit up with a notification. I looked down at the screen. I laughed. I had already read the book seven times, and this would make it my eighth.

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I was just a teensie bit obsessed over the series, I must admit. You don't know how many times I had wished that I was Bella, and that I had a family of vampires who cared so much for me. I shook my head. I needed to get rid of these thoughts of foolish things. I got bored of sitting in the living room, so I made a decision to go back into my room and get another book to read.

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